By Brittany Nelson, USAS Public Relations & Communications Manager

COLO SPRGS, CO (Dec 22, 2023) –USA Shooting saw a busy December with Rifle/Pistol Olympic trials part two and Paralympic trials part one taking place this past month at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Rifle and pistol events will have a total of three Olympic trials before the Paris 2024 team is selected. Trials part one took place in September of this year at Fort Moore, Georgia. After the conclusion of part two, the overall rankings are as follows:

Women’s 25m Sport Pistol

1st: Katelyn Abeln

2nd: Lisa Emmert Traciak

3rd: Ada Korkhin

4th: Lexi Lagan

5th: Abbie Leverett


Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol

1st: Keith Sanderson

2nd: Henry Leverett

3rd: Pranav Kamath

4th: Austin Stone

5th: John McNally


Women’s 10m Air Pistol

1st: Lexi Lagan

2nd: Suman Sanghera

3rd: Katelyn Abeln

4th: Lisa Emmert Traciak

5th: Ada Korkhin


Men’s 10m Air Pistol

1st: Nick Mowrer

2nd: Jay Shi

3rd: James Hall

4th: Samuel Gens

5th: Remington Smith


Women’s 10m Air Rifle

1st: Mary Tucker

2nd: Sagen Maddalena

3rd: Ali Weisz

4th: Katie Zaun

5th: Jeanne Haverhill


Men’s 10m Air Rifle

1st: Ivan Roe

2nd: Rylan Kissell

3rd: Lucas Kozeniesky


Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions

1st: Mary Tucker

2nd: Sagen Maddalena

3rd: Molly McGhin

4th: Katie Zaun

5th: Isabella Baldwin


Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions

1st: Ivan Roe

2nd: Nick Mowrer

Tie for 3rd: Peter Fiori and Brandon Muske

5th: Tim Sherry


Air Rifle/Pistol Olympic trials part three will be Jan. 5-7 in Anniston, Alabama, and smallbore Olympic trials part three will be March 17-19 in Fort Moore, Georgia.

The Paralympic trials also consists of three separate parts. Part one concluded in December as well. The overall team standings are as follows:


Men’s 10m Air Pistol P1

1st: YanXiao Gong

2nd: Josue Lopez


Women’s 10m Air Pistol P2

1st: Tricia Downing


Mixed 25m Sport Pistol P3

1st: YanXiao Gong

2nd: Mike Taglipietra

3rd: Tricia Downing


Mixed 50m Sport Pistol P4

1st: YanXiao Gong


Men’s 10 Air Rifle Standing

1st: Nick Beach

2nd: Jay Martin


Women’s 10m Air Rifle Standing

1st: Taylor Farmer


Mixed 10m Air Rifle Prone R3

1st: Kevin Nguyen

2nd: Nick Beach

3rd: Taylor Farmer

4th: Steve Holbert

5th: Landon Ruggera


Mixed 10m Air Rifle Standing R4

1st: Benjamin Hays

2nd: Madison Champion

3rd: Jadon Nafziger

4th: Jazmin Almile-Ryan


Mixed 10m Air Rifle Prone R5

1st: Stetson Bardfield

2nd: Madison Champion

3rd: Jazmin Almile-Ryan


Mixed 50m Rifle Prone R6

1st: Kevin Nguyen

2nd: John Joss

3rd: Landon Ruggera

4th: Nick Beach

5th: Bud McLeroy


Mixed 50m Rifle Prone R9

1st: Benjamin Hays

2nd: Jadon Nafziger


Paralympic trials part two will be held at the training center Feb. 2-10, 2024. Register here:

Shotgun has a total of two Olympic trials. Their part one was held in May this year in Hillsdale, Michigan, and part two will be held in March of 2024 in Tucson Arizona. Register here:

View the shotgun team’s overall standings here:

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